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How The Unicorn Works

We connect playful people who want to have a threesome in an open-minded lifestyle community. You can sign up as a single Unicorn. And if you're in a couple, you can connect your profile to your partner's profile if you're looking for a third to join the fun. It's easy to find a threesome on The Unicorn.

Sign Up, Make Friends, And Find A Threesome

It's almost effortless! Create your username, upload pictures or videos, add some details, and link your profiles together if you're in a couple. After we verify it's you, you'll start getting matches. It's fast and easy to make connections with people who are looking for fun friends.

Create Your Account
Create Your Account
It only takes a few minutes to add your basic info (and you'll never need to connect to any of your social accounts). Some things are better on the down-low.
Link To Your Partner
Link To Your Partner
If you're coupled up, it's easy to join your accounts. Other playmates will know the two of you are an item and are looking for a fun playmate. Find your third — together.
Discover Open-Minded People
Discover Open-Minded People
You can find the right singles and couples by adding filters to match your preferences. You'll only see people who are up to your ideal threesome standards.
Group Chat
Group Chat
You can talk to three (or more!) people at the same time with IM, video, or voice chat. Find the right connections first. Get to know each other, then make a date.
Easy to Get Started
The Unicorn team found all the problems with other dating apps when it came to finding a threesome. So we created a platform to make finding threesomes easy.
Only Verified Users
We've got you covered. We love our community because everyone here is real. Our verification process takes a little extra time, but we promise… it's going to be worth it. Because you'll find the Unicorn or couple you've been waiting for.
Discover Unicorns And Couples
Quickly set your search preferences to find only the person or people you want to meet. Only want MMF? No problem! Are you on the search for bi-women or gay men to play with? Or maybe you want to get freaky with anyone and everyone. If that's the case, we'll match you with everybody.
Chat With Voice, Video Or Text
There are different threesome styles, so we're giving you the most popular ways to communicate with your matches. Turned on by visuals? Receive and share pics with your potential playmates. Or have a three-way video chat. Video is the next best thing to a real-life meet-up. You can set up a date with text, in-app calls, and even voice messages with your threesome connections.
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Seeking A Third

It's Easy To Seek A Third With Your Partner Or A Friend

✓ If you're already partnered with someone, you can easily create and connect your profiles and find a compatible third.

✓ Looking for a second or a third? Make new friends, and link your profile to your favorite match, so you can search for a third who's GGG (aka good, giving, and game).

✓ We have the best online community to find some smoking hot playmates who are ready for a threesome.

✓ And like we always say… six hands are better than four, so it's time to get all hands-on (whatever parts you choose) and explore the thrill-seeking connections on The Unicorn.


Discover The Right Singles Or Couples On Your Search

✓ Find potential matches that stimulate your brain and everything else you can imagine. You can match with adventurous playmates with multi-dimensional kinks, sexual preferences, and different sizes (in more ways than one).

✓ Discover how far you're willing to go when you search for new pleasure partners. You can set the maximum distance you'll travel to meet your matches. Decide whether you'll walk, drive, or fly. Sometimes, a long slow ride is what the three of you need.

✓ Share your location with the matches you want to meet in real life. Or send them a pin to your favorite bar, restaurant, or hotel. You can meet up for some convo, grab drinks, or have your very own pleasure party for three.

✓ Block members who aren't compatible. Or report anyone who is disrespectful. Respect and safety are of the utmost importance on The Unicorn. We want your experience to be stimulating in a good way.

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The Unicorn Is Easy To Use

When you sign up for the Unicorn, you can effortlessly set up your profile, connect with other threesome seekers, make new friends, and find connections that will blow your mind (and all of your other parts).

Our Playmates Love To Find Out-Of-This-World Threesomes

What are you waiting for? It's time for a three-way rendezvous. See what other people have to say...

I hope this app gets more people from EU soon enough. It's beautiful, easy to use. Only downside is the logo, it looks kinda more childish than anything else to me.

— Jen C.

I love how me and my wife can do this together. App is put together well easy to find and move about it. It also isn't pushing to buy some plus version everytime you move.

— Smitty J.

My girl and i like it. Should be 100% free though. Nobody should have to pay to meet and talk to anyone else. Everyone is so greedy these days.

— Jonathan B.

The Best Threesome App For Unicorns, Couples, And Swingers

You know by now that you want a threesome. And The Unicorn is the best place to find other adventurous people seeking a second or a third. Whether you're curious, looking for friends with benefits, or some new relationship energy to spice up your love life, we welcome you to join us today — for FREE! Get it in the App Store or on Google Play.

Get It On App StoreGet it on Google Play * Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 6.0
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Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Our customer support team is working around the clock to make your three-way experience on The Unicorn better than you ever imagined. We like it when you get in touch.