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Think Of How Good You'll Feel When You Finally Find The Threesome You've Always Desired

You're probably already aware of the fact that 87% of women and 95% percent of men fantasize about having a threesome. That's why we created The Unicorn with features made just for threesome finders.

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Verified Playmates
Verified Playmates

Every playmate goes through our simple verification process— no spammers, fakes, or bots. Instead of sorting through scammers, you'll spend your time connecting with pleasurable company.

Discover Open-Minded People
Discover Open-Minded People

Find singles, couples, and swingers in your area who want to have a threesome. You can open your search to places far and near. If you expand your reach, you'll have more chances to connect with others who desire a delicious non-conforming lifestyle.

Connect Your Partner's Profile
Connect Your Partner's Profile

After you each create a user profile, then you can make a shared profile. You can go on the search as a team. You can find a Unicorn or another couple when you start your seeking adventure.

Three-Way Chat
Three-Way Chat

Have a chat with all of the potential playmates at once. What's your pleasure? Text, voice, video, or… That's for the three of you to decide. It's easy to see and hear each other to determine if you have three-way chemistry — fast.

Find A Threesome
Find A Threesome

Our app is where people come to find sexy playmates looking for a threesome. Whether you're in a relationship or not, and you can find a second and a third to join you. You can date the new threesome way.

Upload Videos And Pics
Upload Videos And Pics

Want to show your best parts? We know you've got them (and so do the other playmates). You can upload a quick vid, and you can share a little more with your potential matches. And when they show theirs, you'll know if you like what you see — right away.

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We Verify Your Account, So You Get Matched With Real People Looking For Provocative Threesome Play

✓ To get verified, copy the pose you see when you sign up. And click a pic of yourself. The only person who will take a peek at your image is a member on our verification team. So don't worry about how sexy you look.

✓ You'll feel safe to follow your desires and know you're in the perfect place to make them a reality. And you know the other Unicorn playmates are also looking for a threesome. There's no wondering.

✓ Everyone's here for the same reason, and you'll get matched with the singles, swingers or couples that match your preferences and are looking for a second or a third.

✓ Spend your time matching with real people, not fake ones.


Link To Your Partner's Profile, So Now You Can Seek A Third

If you're already in a relationship and looking for an experience with more hands (or whatever else you can think of), it's time to start seeking.

✓ Connect your profile to your partner's, so people will see you as a couple. And you can seek a third together.

✓ Single and ready to partner up with someone new? You can connect your profile to a friend or a new threesome seeker's profile. So both of you can find another Unicorn and complete your perfect threesome.

✓ Couples can set their search to find singles or other couples (if you want to spice things up).

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You're Interested In Finding A Unicorn With Your Partner Or Friend, Aren't You?

✓ After you connect your profile with a partner or a friend, you're now on the seeking team and can find a Unicorn (or other couples).

✓ The Unicorn app makes It's easy to find excitement with a third in the comfort of your current relationship.

✓ Invite Unicorns with the right kinks, energy, and location to join in on an exciting threesome lifestyle.

✓ The Unicorn makes it easy for couples to be upfront about what you're both looking for with a shared bio you can create together. So set the filters and find connections that suit you and your partner.

You Know By Now The Unicorn Is The Fastest Growing App For New Threesomes

The Unicorn is the premier place to liberate yourself and fulfill your threesome fantasies!




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Discover Local Couples With Powerful Filters

✓ Set your filters and only meet couples who can help you make your threesome desires a reality in a community where everyone feels equal (and sexy at the same time).

✓ Request to join a couple if you're ready to make new friends that could turn into a liberating guest appearance.

✓ The Unicorn is a safe place to like more than one person at a time. In fact, we celebrate your passionate way of living and want you to fulfill your every desire.

✓ You'll find friends, couples, and swingers that are open-minded like you and ready to combine some three-way vibes.


You Can Communicate As A Trio

Get to know your matches face-to-face with video! You can see each other on video with a shared video screen. After all, 93% of communication is non-verbal.

✓ We know you'll like to see how your matches speak with their bodies. When you're looking for a threesome, non-verbal communication helps you decide if your connections feel good from the very beginning.

✓ When you're getting to know each other, It's easier to hear and see subtle nuances. So you can have a productive and playful three-way conversation.

✓ You'll see facial cues you would miss over the phone or text. Video chat is the closest thing to real-life interactions. You won't want to miss out.

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Make New Open-Minded Friends In Your Area

✓ Some people are more open to an alternative lifestyle than others. Here you'll find people who are on the same wavelength as you. Accepting, transparent, and self-respecting.

✓ A safe space for you to explore your fantasies and connect with a like-minded community.

✓ Whether you're reinventing a relationship or looking for more enticing playmates, this is the premier destination when you have an appetite for a more-than-two adventure.

✓ We offer you the very best place to forge new friendships. Where you can open up about your desires— without judgment. After all, we all like to keep things a little bit freaky around here.

The Best Threesome App For Unicorns, Couples, And Playmates

The Unicorn is world-class place to search for a threesome in a fun, safe, and discreet environment. Join us today, and make your fantasies come true!

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