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Make Your Threesome Fantasies Come True

The Unicorn connects monogamish couples, single Unicorns, and swingers in a sexy-safe environment. It's the premier place you can come online to find other people who like the company of more than one person at a time.

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What is a unicorn?

Traditionally a Unicorn is a single woman who's ready to join another couple for playtime. But we like to challenge relationship rules, break them, and set them on fire (even if they're already unconventional). We consider any single man or woman a Unicorn.

We stand for equality in every relationship (especially when it comes to threesomes). So whether you're a Unicorn or a couple, every person on our platform is considered a Unicorn until you connect your profile to another member's profile.

The Unicorn App

What is The Unicorn app?

As you already know, The Unicorn is for open-minded people who seek variety, non-traditional relationships, hookups and love a good threesome. We've created our community so you can explore, make new friends, and find compatible playmates the easy way with our revolutionary threesome search engine, and group chats with voice, video, or IM.

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Seekers — What Are They?

When a couple connects their profiles on The Unicorn, they become Seekers and can look for a Unicorn together. There's also another way to become a Seeker. Two Unicorns (or friends) can connect their profiles — and they'll become seekers too. So when you connect two separate profiles, you'll both become Seekers. The two of you can then create a shared bio that makes it even easier to find the perfect Unicorn.

Unicorns And Couples Are Equal Here

Feel frisky, flirtatious, and safe while you explore your threesome fantasies. Whether you're alone or coupled up with a partner or friend on the Unicorn, we promise you'll enjoy your exploration. Our community encourages equality in every threesome because 1+1+1 equals more good times for everyone.

If you're a single Unicorn, you can set the stage and find open-minded couples to join you. It's easy to send them a request. And if you're in a couple, you can link to your partner's profile. After you hook up your accounts, you can start seeking and send an invitation to the Unicorns that you like. It's never been easier to find the perfect combo for your ideal threesome.

The Unicorn Movement

We respect the power and pleasure of three. And we make it easy for you to explore others with similar relationship and playtime ideas. At The Unicorn, we uphold the highest standards for good communication, boundaries, equality, sexy-time, and plenty of fun! We love all of our single Unicorns, couples, and swingers— and we know you will too.

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You’ve Probably Figured Out The Unicorn Is The Fastest Growing App To Find A Threesome

It's time for you to jump into our premier club so you can liberate yourself and finally fulfill all of your threesome fantasies. Our playmates can’t wait to meet you.







Follow Your Fantasies Without Judgement

It's fun to search, chat, and find compatible playmates on the Unicorn. This dating app is different than any other one out there. Because we created it to help people like you find threesomes with a wide variety of sexy-time flavors.

I never imagined finding a threesome would be so easy! On other dating apps, there are so many fake profiles it's exhausting. I would have to talk to a hundred women before I could find an actual real person who would even talk to me. The Unicorn is way better!

— Benji G.

I love being able to find a woman closeby to join my hubby and me for drinks, dinner, and threesome FMF fun afterward. The Unicorn is the best place to find thrill-seekers of the third kind!

— Rita B.

I have a desire for novelty and love asking open-minded questions. And I've never felt weird talking about anything with the people I've met here. Everyone I've talked to accepts all of my freaky kinks and wants to hear about all of my fantasies.

— Mindy P.

Wait till you see the group chat on The Unicorn… It makes it easier to make sure all three of you have good vibes from the first conversation.

— Jerry D.

Regular dating apps suck when it comes to looking for an MFM threesome. I was so tired of hoping a guy I matched with wanted to hook up with me and my boyfriend. But we found the hottest guy ever to hook up with! It's so much better than Tinder when you want a no-strings threesome with another guy.

— Jessica P.

My wife loves the dedicated attention of four hands, two mouths, and… you can guess the rest.

— Jonathan B.

The Best Threesome App For Unicorns, Couples, And Playmates

You know by now that you want a threesome. And The Unicorn is the best place to find other adventurous people seeking a second or a third. Whether you're curious, looking for friends with benefits, or some new relationship energy to spice up your love life, we welcome you to join us today — for FREE! Get it in the App Store or on Google Play.

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